Big Data Analytics with R

“Big Data Analytics with R”

Utilize R to uncover hidden patterns in your Big Data

Simon Walkowiak

Key Features

  • Perform computational analyses on Big Data to generate meaningful results
  • Get a practical knowledge of R programming language while working on Big Data platforms like Hadoop, Spark, H2O and SQL/NoSQL databases,
  • Explore fast, streaming, and scalable data analysis with the most cutting-edge technologies in the market.


Book Description

Big Data analytics is the process of examining large and complex data sets that often exceed your computational capabilities. R is the leading programming language of data science, consisting of powerful functions to tackle all problems related to Big Data processing.

The book begins with a brief introduction to the most current standards in the Big Data and analytics industry. It introduces the R language by presenting its development, structure, but also its shortcomings in the practical Big Data real-world applications. The book briefly revises the major R functions for data management and transformations, and it introduces the readers to cloud-based Big Data solutions e.g. Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon RDS, Microsoft Azure and its HDInsight clusters. The book provides a first-hand guidance on R’s connectivity with relational, traditional SQL-based and non-relational databases e.g. MongoDB and HBase. It further expands to include R’s integration with Big Data tools such as Apache Hadoop, its HDFS and MapReduce frameworks, as well as Apache Spark (including its machine learning library Spark MLlib) and the H2O platform.

The book is currently being used as a recommended textbook for the Data Science for the Internet of Things course at University of Oxford.


What you will learn

  • Learn about current state of Big Data processing using R programming language and its powerful statistical capabilities,
  • Deploy Big Data analytics platforms with selected Big Data tools supported by R in a cost-effective and time-saving manner,
  • Apply the R language to real-world Big Data problems on a multi-node Hadoop cluster, e.g. electricity consumption across various socio-demographic indicators and bike share scheme usage,
  • Explore the compatibility of R with Hadoop, Spark, SQL and NoSQL databases,
  • Perform scalable machine learning using R with the Spark MLlib and H2O platforms.


Where to buy “Big Data Analytics with R”?

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